19 April 2013

Melbourne Is. Design. - 19.4.13

Sitting precariously above Melbourne’s city streets is an undeniably unique purveyour of hidden treasures, Lord Coconut.

Located on the forth level of the Carlow House building on Flinders Lane, Lord Coconut is Melbourne’s only boutique, gallery and online retailer selling contemporary handmade jewellery designed exclusively for men.

With the name inspired by the owner, Mark Boldiston’s quirky sense of style and his collection of serious products, this vertical retailer was designed as a space where men – reluctant shoppers at the best of times, would feel comfortable – nothing too intimidating, simply a welcoming space with enough visual interest to engage them with the surroundings.

The space itself is basic enough, with white painted walls, blue carpet and windows looking out onto the city below.

The real interest comes in the form of the interiors, which have been inspired by 19th Century Natural History Museums. Filled with a hand-selected range of quirky artworks from local Australian artists, Boldiston has embellished the shop with an assortment of trophies, old books, bottles, taxidermy, gothic painted torsos, birds nests, aboriginal artworks and snake skins, creating an eccentric mood of which Lord Coconut himself would enjoy.

The back wall is adorned with a huge dinosaur skeleton in the form of wallpaper. The print was sourced from the 1908 archive of the Natural History Museum in London and then converted to wallpaper by Design A Wall.

Boldiston has fitted the store with vintage and antique furniture pieces sourced from local dealers. A large central display cabinet, which today showcases jewellery, once probably housed something far more exotic like old bones or artifacts at its original post in a long-gone Museum pre-dating today’s current Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, which Mark then purchased from Guy Matthews Industrial Furniture.

The old bank display case from the 1880’s was purchased from The Bottom Drawer and other vintage display cases were found from Warehouse 8.

Lord Coconut is a delightful assault on the senses where the weird and wonderful unite in this unconventional retail space. We dare you to unleash your own inner Lord Coconut and uncover the gems hidden in his lair…

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Photos courtesy of Daniela Vasconcelo

17 April 2013

Pirate wedding rings for men

As an artisan jeweller, we sometimes get so caught up in the design and making process that we lose track of the fun and humorous side of things. I love the fact that the titles of my work make me laugh. As rustic and unrefined as the work is, the work still exudes a sense of humble elegance on the wearer’s body. These men's wedding rings reflect this philosophy.

9ct white gold - $1180 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/pirate-ring/

Sterling silver - $390 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/pirate-wedding-ring-silver/

16 April 2013

In Love With Love - 16.4.13

Today we have a profile for all the Grooms-to-be out there!

Lord Coconut was established in 2011 as Melbourne’s only men’s jewellery store representing local jewellers and designers. As the store has grown, more and more grooms have come into the store looking for a wedding ring which is a little different from usual and something that is hand crafted in Australia. The Lord Coconut jewellers and Lord Coconut himself have been happy to meet this demand and provide a unique range of wedding rings for men.

Lord Coconut is the home of hand crafted wedding rings for men, representing over 35 local jewellers and designers. Their stunning range of over 50 locally made men’s wedding rings is second to none. Each ring is designed to be a unique piece of art and a hand crafted token of the love a Bride and Groom share on their wedding day. All the wedding rings and jewellery is made in Australia, ensuring the tradition of bespoke hand made jewellery survives as a viable home-grown industry.

Each of their rings are priced from $200 right up to $2500 and can be made in sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. Gold rings can be either 9ct or 118ct. They also have a range of titanium and mixed metal rings. Although sample rings of each design are held in-store, all rings are made to size and require approximately 3 weeks to manufacture ensuring that customers are purchasing a bespoke piece of jewellery for their wedding day.

Lord Coconut also stocks over 120 styles of handmade cufflinks which are perfect for Grooms on their wedding day. Their cufflinks include a range which can incorporate either wedding invitation paper or a swatch of the bridesmaid dresses.

Lord Coconut also stock over 400 other Australian made men’s jewellery pieces including Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets/Cuffs, Brooches, Lapel Pins, Tie Bars, Tie Pins and Fob Chains.

The undeniably unique Lord Coconut is Melbourne’s only retailer, gallery, and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed exclusively for men. Customers can purchase from their retail store in the Melbourne CBD or online at www.lordcoconut.com. Their online store offers free delivery within Australia or a flat $15 fee for delivery anywhere in the world.

Contact: Mark Boldiston
Phone Number: 0450 015 263
Email: info@lordcoconut.com
Website: www.lordcoconut.com

05 April 2013

20% off Petr Hanzak titanium stock

20% off Titanium Jewellery by Petr Hanzak
Titanium cufflinks
Titanium pendants
Titanium lapel pins
Titanium tie bars

See http://www.lordcoconut.com/artisans-mens-cufflinks-designer/petr-hanzak/ for the full list of stock available.

03 April 2013

New work by Shelley Buttle

As an emerging new artist Shelley Buttle recently graduated (2012) from Box Hill Institute of Tafe with an Advance Dipolma in engineering technology specialising in jewellery design . She received the 'E.G etal production development award' for her outstanding dedication to production and professional practise as a jeweller.
Shelley's work is focused on making the connections between rustic raw shapes and forms, while using detailed imprints that create depth & character with each piece telling its own story. 
No Cash Value pendant in sterling silver - $240

Roman warrior pendant in sterling silver - $240

Venus pendant in sterling silver - $240

Venus Di Milo cufflinks in sterling silver - $260

Aztec Coin cufflinks in sterling silver - $260

Aztec Skull cufflinks in sterling silver - $260

Greek God cufflinks in sterling silver - $260

Roman Ruins cufflinks in sterling silver - $260

Asian Princess cufflinks in sterling silver - $260

Ghost Rider ring in sterling silver - $260