12 October 2011

Frances Rose Jewellery now in stock

Rose cufflinks in oxidised sterling silver $310

Pistol cufflinks in oxidised sterling silver $260

Horse-shoe cufflinks in oxidised sterling silver $260

Dagger cufflinks in oxidised sterling silver $260

Dagger tie-pin in sterling silver $65

Pistol tie-pin in sterling silver $65

'X' Marks The Spot necklace in oxididsed sterling silver $190


'Frances Rose Jewellery' is the label of New Zealand born, Melbourne based jeweller Amy Gopperth. Since launching her label in late 2009 Amy has released two ranges of jewellery, Digging for Gold and Charming.

Inspired initially by the sartorial splendour of the Old West Digging for Gold is essentially a range designed for men, but appeals to both men and women alike. With the range encompassing daggers, horse-shoes and gold bullion to pistol, pickaxes and bullets, Amy has drawn on the gun slinging, whiskey drinking, foul mouthed (but impeccably dressed!) characters of the Old West to create each piece.

Working predominantly in the lost-wax casting method, she intricately hand-crafts each item out of wax then casts them in precious metals. Amy also believes in sustainability and sources all materials and services locally.

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