10 December 2011

Worm Head limited edition print by The Gently Unfurling Sneak - $130 framed

$130 framed

A limited edition of 50, this print is printed with archival inks onto Hanemuehle Torchon paper

Image: 15cm W x 20cm H
Paper: A4

The Gently Unfurling Sneak is the work of Melbourne designer Anika Cook, who started the label as Sneak Design in 2006 to make extra cash while studying.  After finishing university I had trouble leaving my fledgling business behind, and after a brief and ill-advised bout of working in IT, I quit to ‘make stuff’ full-time.  Now featuring intricately formed artworks, The Gently Unfurling Sneak has found its place in the art-fashion-design world, and is happily far away from IT.

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  1. Hi there, just wondering, did the designer do this illustration herself?