05 April 2012

Brooch for a Comedian's Mother by a.l.i.Alexander

It's Melbourne International Comedy Festival time which allows us to present our Brooch For A Comedian's Mother brooch/pendant in sterling silver by a.l.i.Alexander.

During the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2008, Alexander noticed a lot of visiting comedians in town during the day. She figured that however wacky and zany they are, they all had mothers that are normal, and they all needed to buy their mothers a present from Melbourne. She thought she could make something.

The criteria she set herself were; tasteful (for the Mums), cheap (for the comedians) and uniquely Melbourne (for both of them). It turned out that a brooch was going to be too expensive. The solution was to put two loops on the back so it can be worn as a brooch by putting a safety pin through them, and it can also be worn as a pendant. I like that it's called a brooch even though it hasn't got a pin and many people wear them as pendants.

When explaining her jewellery practice, Alexander states that “Although I would love to be, I am not a bench jeweller, most of my work is made in wax by me first, cast, and then finished by others“ she goes on to say that “these brooches reflect that handmade nature of my work where you can see where my fingers have pushed, prodded and pulled the wax to make these pieces not just for a Comedian’s mothers but mothers everywhere”.

Each ‘Brooch for a comedian’s mother’ is approximately 4.5cm W x 3.5cm H in size and priced at $319 GST inclusive. They are available in-store or online with free delivery within Australia

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