14 June 2012

Silver Claw pendant by Cotopaxi

Silver Claw pendant by Cotopaxi
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Cotopaxi in Ecuador is one of the three volcanoes celebrated in the evocative poem “Romance” about the dreams of youth by the Australian poet W.J.Turner (1889-1946), and the mountain was revered by the Incas as The Throne of the Moon. The imposing beauty of the Andes made a lasting impression on me and lava from volcanoes is a beautiful material which I use frequently. After many years in the business world the need to repair an antique necklace led me to take a basic silver-smithing course. That prompted me to pursue my artistic traits and to create my own designs which are inspired by the jewellery and artefacts made by the craftsmen of the Inca and other civilisations which flourished around those mountains.

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