12 September 2012

Black detail cufflinks by Chloe McColl

Black Detail porcelain and sterling silver cufflinks by Chloe McColl
Available in-store or online

Chloe McColl has completed 5 years of studies (Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours) here in Melbourne at Monash University Caulfield, as well as exhibiting in Germany and around Australia alongside her studies. She received the Ann Lewis Awards for excellence in jewellery at the completion of her honours year. Chloe is a relatively new artist to the commercial jewellery market having only finished studies in 2011. 

In her work Chloe aims to bring together her love of the organic and the crafted. Although the pieces of porcelain used are handmade, the ocean and the sand have had their way with them before she has the chance into contact with them. From there, Chloe’s project is one of accentuating what already exists. The found pieces of porcelain portray the strength and perpetual movement of the ocean; the man made has succumb to the effects of nature. Her jewellery reclaims this man made essence but at the same time does not seek to forget their journey. The weathered shape of the porcelain dictates the form and contours of each piece. Chloe understands her task as simply staying true to this history and creating a space in which it can be recognized and celebrated. She believes the pieces speak for themselves.

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