27 March 2013

Re-purposed watch jewellery by Janty Fry

Janty’s work explores the relationship between the world of traditional timepieces from a bygone era, and the exciting transformation of these exquisite pieces into a new artform, exposing the hidden beauty to create distinctive, elegant cufflinks, tie/lapel pins, and pendants.

Janty loves to see these treasures being admired and worn by the adventurous, contemporary gentleman of today, and is constantly inspired to breathe new life into these relics of the past.

1800 re-purposed watch cufflinks - $100 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/1800-cufflinks/

STCL re-purpsed watch cufflinks - $100 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/stcl-cufflinks/

Z15098 re-purposed watch cufflinks - $100 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/z15098-cufflinks/

2009 re-purposed watch cufflinks - $100 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/2009-cufflinks/

R.Weil re-purposed watch lapel pin / tie pin - $75 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/rweil-lapel-pin/

Seventeen Jewels re-purposed watch lapel pin / tie pin - $75 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/seventeen-jewels-lapel-pin/

Crescent Watch re-purposed watch pendant - %75 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/crescent-watch-pendant/

716894 re-purposed watch pendant - $100 at http://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/716894-pendant/

Re-purposed watch cufflinks
Re-purposed watch tie pin
Re-purposed watch lapel pin
Re-purposed watch pendant
Re-purposed watch necklace

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