25 March 2014

Who Made This - Dat Van


Why did you become a jeweller?
I was a cook and restaurateur for 15 years after some indecisive years studying graphic design and photography in the early 90's. I had missed being creative and was contemplating going back to studying but this time i wanted something that is more hands on. Making jewellery was a very new concept in my mind and the whole idea of creating something small and precious was very exciting to me.

How would you describe your men’s jewellery range at Lord Coconut and what was its inspiration?
My range at Lord Coconut is a varied one ranging from a "Giraffe" brooch to "Sakura" lapel pins and the "Pirate" ring wedding band. My aesthetic is generally pared back, simple with clean lines with a lot of influences from the Japanese culture but sometimes I like to have a little fun with my designs so hence the giraffe brooch.


How would you describe what is on your jewellery bench?
My jewellery bench tend to have various works going on at the same time such as wax carving and fine metal works.

When not making jewellery what do you love to do?
You will normally find me at Kinokuniya Books, MCA or the National Gallery of NSW.

Favourite restaurant
To this day Tetsuya remains the most memorable dining experience!

Favourite movie
Too many to mention but A Single Man for its beautiful styling and soundtrack.

Favourite travel destination
I will sound cliche but Japan and New York any day.

Favourite band
I do not have a favourite band but I do love world music.

Favourite book
Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami. I'm an enormous fan of this man.

Favourite art work
Bill Henson Untitled #125

Favourite building
Prada Building in Tokyo by Herzog and de Meuron.

See his full range of jewellery HERE

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