09 April 2014

Who Made This - Melissa Baldock

Why did you become a jeweller?
It started with a love of stones, and a love of making things, so it made sense to learn to set stones in jewellery. What I find amusing is that I do not set many stones any more, I am more interested in the metals and their capabilities.

How would you describe your men’s jewellery range at Lord Coconut and what was its inspiration?
Most of my work is inspired by nature, and my range at Lord Coconut is a reflection of this.

How would you describe what is on your jewellery bench?
A massive mess! I am terribly messy when I am creating and never put my tools back where they belong… lucky I have a huge space to spread out in!

When not making jewellery what do you love to do?
Spend time with my beautiful family.

Favourite restaurant
With 3 small children… dining out is not a fun option! But if I manage to escape for an evening I certainly don’t mind a meal at Smolt in Salamanca, Hobart.

Favourite movie
I love many movies, I just can't think of a single one to add here.

Favourite travel destination
Thailand, because the locals are such beautiful people.

Favourite band
Afro Celt Sound System

Favourite book
The Old Man And The Sea – Ernest Hemingway

Favourite art work
Devil Whale – Jen Lobo

Favourite building
(other than my own home) would probably have to be the Sedlec Ossuary

See her full range of jewellery HERE


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