08 August 2012

Buloke Malachite wooden ring by Australia Handcrafted Timbers

Buloke Malachite wooden ring by Australia Handcrafted Timbers
Available in-store or online

Tim Murray was born in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, where, after excelling in woodwork and art in high school where I came first in the woodwork section of the Royal Melbourne show in 1968. I started Australian Handcrafted Timbers in 1994, after a redundancy, producing hand turned bowls, lidded containers, frames, carved emu eggs and the like.

My passion for the beauty of Australian timber and my relationship with timber is more than a job, it’s a passion, some say it’s an obsession. Each piece of wood is chosen for the colour and grain, with a story of mystery and indescribable beauty which carries more than just the physical traits, more than that the wood carries mysterious secrets of the earth’s deeper spiritual meaning.

I do not see cracks in timber as flaws but as part of the character of the wood, a thing of beauty and uniqueness to be accentuated with sterling silver, stone and Australian opals. These techniques have led to my own unique style of work. My jewellery offers an experience with nature, a powerful and intimate reunion with elements from the earth with their own unique beauty that graces the body with nature’s natural warmth.


  1. This piece is beautiful! If I ever get married, I want a ring like this.

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