07 August 2012

Tough Guy cufflink/jewellery box by Innocente

Tough Guy cufflink/jewellery box in Huon pine, powder coated steel and stainless steel by Innocente
Available in-store or online

Innocente boxes started with a surprise gone wrong. My partner said she wanted a jewellery box to organise all of her jewellery which at the time was a bunched up mess. I decided to surprise her by building one for her. I was half way through it when she told me she was going to go shopping for a jewellery box. I showed her what I had done so far and proceeded to finish it. One design led to another and has resulted in the designs you see today.

All of the boxes are unique, and individually numbered. I use a variety of timbers including Huon Pine, Black Heart Sassafras, Tasmanian Oak and Red Mahogany. The boxes are powder coated, some designs are edged in polished aluminium and all are trimmed in velour. I use stainless steel fittings throughout each box.

Huon pine is one of the slowest-growing and longest-living plants in the world. It can grow to an age of 3,000 years or more. It is found in western Tasmania, on the Central Plateau and in the Huon Valley. Today, the tree is wholly protected and cannot be felled. However, wood on the forest floor, or buried in river beds, remains usable after hundreds of years and is still prized by modern woodworkers.

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