12 October 2012

Chain IV necklace by Katzinka Tschierschky

Chain IV necklace in sterling silver by Katzinka Tschierschky.
Available in-store or online

Katzinka Tschierschky is a Melbourne-based goldsmith and jewellery designer. Born and raised in Germany, she studied goldsmithing at the Zeichenakademie (Hanau) for three years and a year of jewellery design at the Fachhochschule fur Gestaltung (Pforzheim) before emigrating to Australia in 1999. She went on to study jewellery and 3D design at Curtin University in Western Australia, where she won both the “Artisans of the Sea” award for outstanding achievement in Jewellery/3D design, and the award for best student in the third year visual research programme. She moved to Melbourne in 2001 and has since been working as an independent jeweller.

In addition to working with found objects, Katzinka favours a two dimensional approach. Through the use of the traditional technique of hand engraving and carving she transforms the medium of drawing into three dimensional wearable pieces.

“my inspiration is the old, the odd, the found, the image, contrasts and colours, stones, the sparkle, the light and the heavy, the story, the movement, the moment, distance and lines.”

Exhibitions include When It Rains It Pours (MDF 2007), Gallery Deux Poisons (Tokyo 2007), e.g.etal installation (Melbourne 2007), Jewel Fair (Seoul 2007), Penthouse Mouse (Melbourne 2008), Thonet chair 18 (MDF 2008).

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