20 October 2012

Russian wedding band with diamond motif by Ian Dun

Russian wedding band with diamond motif in sterling silver by Ian Dun
Available in-store or online
The wedding band can also be produced in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum at extra cost.

Ian Dun has been expertly hand-crafting jewellery using traditional techniques and materials since 1983. Regular exposure to jewellery from all eras for maintenance, restoration or re-designing has necessitated mastery of many diverse skills, rarely used and integrated in the modern age of mass production. 

Combining modern and older manufacturing technologies with an appreciation of a broad range of stylistic genres, Ian creates  jewellery that will maintain it’s character with regular wear and use, with the durability necessary to become heirlooms for the next generations. 

Metals, fine gems and enamels with superior qualities are selected, and utilised with a perceptive understanding of their true nature. 

Shape, form, texture, colour, tone, function, feeling and individuality are all considered during the design and construction process.  Individual commissions and limited edition series are the culmination of the maker’s experience, skill, and design philosophy.


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  2. I would’ve turned down all of these. My own ring is non-traditional, and I used it as my wedding ring as well, and I love it because it doesn’t look like anything anyone else has :)

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