24 May 2011

Melanie Rice - stock (part 1)

Melanie Rice has supplied a great range of unique enamelled stock to Lord Coconut.

Small Blue enamelled cufflinks - $194 GST included

Pink & Yellow enamelled cufflinks - $264 GST included

Enamelled ring - $170 GST included

Round Blue enamelled cufflinks - $242 GST included

Copper Scrunched enamelled cufflinks - $176 GST included

Man Brooch (Mooch) in lime - $231 GST included

Round Lime & Black enamelled cufflinks - $242 GST included

Blue & Pink enamelled brooch pin - $132 GST included

Black enamelled cuff - $140 GST included

Scrunched Cooper enamelled pin brooch - $132 GST included

Copper enamelled cuff - $140 GST included


Colour stirs emotion in me; the delicious, heady rush of colour.  My senses are also excited by texture.  Both make me feel alive and excited. I want my jewellery to make others feels this way too.  I use the enamelling process – with copper, silver and gold –  to materialise the colours and textures that I feel instinctively when I create a piece of jewellery.

Then there are the endless patterns, designs and luminosity of traditional cultural adornments from around the world.  From a young age, playing with my mother's and grandmothers' Latvian rings, I have been inspired by the ancient designs of traditional jewellery.  But it's not just the bold visual statement inherent in these pieces that attracts me.  I am captured by the story of the wearer and the cultural significance of their costume.  Naturally, I like to explore traditional techniques in the jewellery I make – from the the delicate twists of filigree to wonderful array of textures achieved through repousse and chasing.

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