17 May 2011

Puneet Jodhka stock

For those of you interested in the fusion of different metal types our new supplier, Puneet Jodhka, is the Lord Coconut expert.
Layered I cufflinks

I ring - $440 GST included

Kinetic ring - $880 GST included

'Flat U' ring - $550 GST included

Layered II cufflinks - GST included

Chunky U ring - $660 GST included

X ring - $484 GST included

X ring - $132 GST included

Puneet Jodhka is a Mebourne based contemporary jewellery artist who graduated from Box Hill Institutute of TAFE in 2009. Inspired by the Traditional Japanese technique of Mokume-gane, she works with different metals like Sterling silver, gold, copper, iron, shakudo ( alloy of 4% yellow gold & 96% copper), Shibuichi ( alloy of 25% silver and 75% copper) and fuses them together to form different patterns. The final finish accentuates the contrast between different metals is done by applying patina on metals (Shakudo becomes black and shibuichi becomes grey). This range evolved through a series of experiments like alloying different percentage of metals together and then applying patina to see what depth of colour is obtained or by fusing number of layers together and carving them. The next experiment would be to try enamel and so on.  

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